Monday, December 18, 2006

High School Flashback

I know I said I wasn't writing until Saturday, but I just had to share this little tidbit.

This morning as I was getting dressed, I pulled out a t-shirt that fit me a few short weeks ago and discovered that said t-shirt no longer even remotely fits. And as I stared in the mirror at my big tummy sticking out underneath the shirt, I was immediately reminded of Mr. Belanger, my high school computer science teacher.

Mr. Belanger was one of my favorite teachers, not only because he introduced me to the fabulous world of Macintosh computers, but because he had a great sense of humor and his classes were always fun. But Mr. Belanger was a big man. A very big man. He had a GIANT beer gut that hung over his pants, and rather than wear a long shirt that he could tuck into his pants and cover said beer gut, he always wore a shirt that was not quite long enough to cover it up. I'm sure that when he got dressed in the morning he would pull it down far enough to cover himself, but through the course of the day it would ride up and by afternoon a very large portion of his hairy, fat stomach would be sticking out underneath his shirt and hanging over his pants.

And that's what I was reminded of when I looked in the mirror this morning. I looked identical, except for the hairy part. I'm sure poor Mr. Belanger would be happy to know that a very fat pregnant lady was reminded of him when she looked in the mirror this morning. I sure wasn't thrilled to see that I looked just like my fat high school computer teacher. Sorry Mr. Belanger, wherever you are.


Cindy said...

So I am trying to post again for the third time, but for some reason blogger thinks thatI dont know my own password. Anyway...

I already cant wait to have this baby out of me and I still have 16 weeks left, your lucky you are so close to the end.

Hope you get all the work needed done without losng your mind. Hope you get your tree up before christmas too!

I absolutely hate waking up to find that a shirt that fit you the day before now looks like it belongs on a kid. Has happened way too many times already for me to be comfortable with it.

I also had a teacher who wore clothes like that and now everytime I find another shirt that no longer fits I will be thinking of him. Thanks. ;)

Martina said...

tee hee hee hee hee hee heee

I loved Mr. Belanger!

T. said...

When I was preggers, I had a similar experience. Except I commented to my husband how I thought I resembled my portly uncle.

My darling hubs, looked at me and my protruding belly and said, nope, my uncle's boobs were still bigger.

Sigh...there was just no winning for losing. Have a great week and a better Christmas Denice!

mad muthas said...

give that tummy a festive pat and revel in the fact that you probably look like homer simpson too (although less yellow)

Jenifer said...

Take heart! (and I don't want to scare you!) but I thought my big ol fat belly looked better that way then all saggy and deflated after the baby was born!!

It's all a part of motherhood, and worth every second!