Sunday, December 23, 2007

One small step for Gracie…

Gracie walked! We have a walking girl! She left the safety of the coffee table and walked four steps over to get me, four times in a row!

Actually, "walked" isn't exactly the right word. It was more like running and then diving when she got near me. But she was doing it unassisted, and so I remain steadfast in my excitement over this new development.

Do I have a picture to post? Um, no. But I will, just as soon as I can get her to do it while someone else is in the room. What a wonderful, wonderful Christmas.

Merry Christmas everybody! Hope you have a wonderful day too.


Jacquie said...

WTG Gracie! Have fun Mom and Dad, te he he. The fun begins.

Jody Spark said...

Watch out... that little thing will be running and climbing your bookcases in no time! Keep it coming, Gracie!