Thursday, November 19, 2009

Everybody likes Goat Cheese, don't they?

So, I have a little question for you all today. But it's going to take me awhile to get there. Please hang in there.

Gracie and I go to a small parent-volunteer run play school every Friday morning. Parents can bring kids from newborn to five years old, and there is free play time, a teacher-led music session, a new craft to make each week, and most important to my question today: the teacher reads a story while the kids sit and eat a snack.

Each week, parents take turns bringing the snack. Two parents bring half of the snack: one parent brings cheese and crackers for the kids and a snack for the parents, and one parent brings fruit and a treat for the kids. Next week, it's my turn to bring the cheese and crackers. (Some of you know where I'm going with this, I bet.)

Now, on the official snack list, it just says you have to bring cheese and crackers. Nowhere does it dictate WHAT KIND of cheese and crackers you have to bring. But for some reason, every single week, the parent whose turn it is to bring cheese and crackers brings cheddar cheese and Goldfish Crackers. Which, I totally get. Every kid likes cheddar cheese and Goldfish Crackers, so nobody is going to complain and not eat it. Plus, they're cheap and plentiful. I totally get it.

But Gracie and I are allergic to BOTH of those things. We don't do cow's milk, or anything made with cow's milk. So, every week, I just pick those things out and let Gracie eat the fruit, then I pull out the snack that I packed for her. I certainly don't expect the parents to bring a dairy-free snack for everybody when mine is the only kid who doesn't do dairy.

But…since it's my turn to bring the snack next week, do you think it's okay for me to bring a snack that my child can actually eat? Say, her favorite goat milk mozzarella, and some whole-grain crackers? Or should I bring the cheddar cheese and Goldfish crackers like everybody else, and pack another snack for Gracie, like I do every week?



Jody Spark said...

Denice, bring the goat milk mozzarella and whole-grain crackers. If Gracie likes them, chances are most kids will too. And if they don't, it won't be because they're not tasty. It'll be because they're not familiar with them.

Go for it Denice!

Martina said...

What did you do in the end? Update please!