Wednesday, April 07, 2010

To find out or not to find out. That is the question…

Today is my 18-week ultrasound. You know - the one where you get to find out if that's a boy or a girl in there, sitting on your S5 and R1 nerves and keeping you up at night. Or is that just me?

Anyway…early on in this pregnancy, Nate and I decided that since this will be our last baby, maybe it would be fun to have this one be a surprise. We knew that Gracie was a girl, and started calling her Gracie for months before she actually arrived.

But since we've already been there and done that, and we have only one last chance to experience one of life's best surprises, maybe this time we should do it. And we were pretty resolved…until last night.

We were sitting on the couch discussing keeping it a surprise, and then the conversation morphed into: "maybe they could just put it in an envelope for us, so if we really wanted to know later, we could."

I have to admit, I'm dying to know. But there is something to be said for waiting until he/she is born. I mean, if this birth goes anything like the last one, it might be nice to have a big surprise waiting for the finish line.

Maybe they COULD just give us an envelope…

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Tracy said...

My vote is for finding out and then sharing the news with everyone!