Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Let's hope it turns out this well…


"Yes Gracie?"

"I'm just so excited." (pronounced esscited)

"What are you excited about?"

"Well………I'm excited for the baby to come out of your tummy. Is it going to be soon?"

"It's still a little ways away yet Gracie. Right now it's June, and we have to go through all the days in June, all the days in July and all the days in August before the baby comes out of my tummy."

"But then it will come out?"

"Yes, then it should come out soon after that."

"And we'll know if it's a sister or a brother?"

"Yes. That's when we'll find out."

"I think it's a sister. And you know what Mommy?"

"What Gracie?"

"It's going to be so much fun because then I'll always have someone to play with me. But don't worry. I'll ask her what she wants to play, and we'll take turns, and I'll share all my toys. I'll be a NICE big sister."

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Tracy said...

Cross your fingers!