Thursday, July 08, 2010

Moving to Irricana!

Holy Crap you guys. We got the house.

I kind of can't believe it, to be perfectly honest with you. I mean, this house is totally awesome. Not in a "brand-new loaded with upgrades" kind of way. But in a "10-years-old but has everything I ever wanted in a house" kind of way. Because honestly, I really didn't like any of the brand new showhomes we went to see. They don't have any personality, and they all look exactly alike.

But this house. Oh, this house. Great big kitchen with a walk-thru pantry. Ensuite with a jetted tub. Little room with garden doors off the master bedroom that will be PERFECT for a little nursery for the new babe. Double garage for Nate's tools, and nice long driveway for the vehicles. Laundry room off the kitchen. Finished basement with a spare room for guests. Solarium windows all along one wall in the living room. Separate room with a HOT TUB IN IT! A little room off the living room for all the toys to go. And a back yard, complete with a garden, a clothesline, flowerbeds, strawberry patch, raspberry bushes, and a thriving rhubarb plant. A gate that opens up to the walking path that I hope to some day be jogging on.

I am already planning to make some trips to some fabric stores so that I can whip up some curtains and pillows, and I want to shamelessly copy my Aunt Louise and make a couple of great big floor pillows for my living room for kids to snuggle in. I'm in full-on nesting mode, to be honest. I'm living on Sarah Richardson's website, and I'm trying to do exactly what she does: start with fabric, then pick out paint chips, then find furniture that fits.

So, bear with me. I'm internet researching. And shopping. And daydreaming. And shopping some more. When I have paint chips and fabric swatches, I'll share.


Tracy said...

OMG! I'm so happy for you guys!!! You are going to have so much fun settling in and decorating. When do you guys move in?

Cheyenne said...

Yup, I's exactly 23 minutes from Irricana's corner to my home. Not bad, not bad. :) I'm coming to chop rhubarb...

Throw pillows for the living room floor is a great idea.