Thursday, July 27, 2006

Super Husband to the Rescue!

What a difference a day makes! On Tuesday, I was in just about the bitchiest mood I've ever been in. We're talking puppy-kicking, yell at the husband who is just trying to help, couldn't even laugh at my favorite Friends episode bitchy.

But Wednesday morning, my sweet husband actually remembered that it was our third wedding anniversary, and came to work with a dozen roses for me. Nine pink, and three white. What a sweetie, right?

We got the paper done and uploaded to the press by 6 p.m. - which is basically a miracle - and he even offered to take me out for supper. But I decided that if he was taking the evening off (which is another miracle), I just wanted an evening at home with him all to myself. So we had a wonderful night together, and I'm feeling SO MUCH BETTER today!

But we'll see how things go later today. I have a meeting with my biggest client who I do work for on the side, and I'm going to have to stop being a chickenshit and tell him that I'm pregnant. He's not going to be happy with me - he has all these plans for things he wants to do next year, and I'm going to need some time off. Hopefully he's not too mad - and that he likes my work enough to wait a few months for me!

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

How did the meeting go?

{{Isn't it funny that we are now communicating via a blog? hahahaha}}}