Friday, January 05, 2007

Is there a Control Freaks Anonymous?

I learned something very important about myself today.

I am a super control freak. There, I said it.

I'm not completely delusional. I've always known that being a bit of a control freak was a part of my personality. But I never noticed just how big of a control freak I really am until today.

You see, today was the first day I let the guy I'm training at work actually sit at my computer and do my job while looking on from beside him. And I swear to God, there were a few moments where it took every single fiber of my being to not grab the mouse and keyboard away from him, because he was doing it wrong.

Of course, he wasn't necessarily doing it WRONG, just not doing it in exactly the same manner I would have done it, and it was driving me absolutely up the wall. The poor guy is so nice that he didn't say a word when I kept saying "If you do it this way it'll be faster," and "I usually like to do it this way…" But I bet in his head he's counting the days until I leave him the hell alone and he can do it whatever way he bloody well chooses.

It was somewhere around hour three of having to sit on my hands and bite my tongue that I realized I could no longer pretend that being a control freak was only a very small facet of my personality.

Oh well. At least I can be honest about it, right?

As much as I am sooooo looking forward to this baby being born and spending my time at home with her, it's really weird to just hand over my job to someone else. I think what I will miss the most is spending all day with my sweet hubby. There is something really nice about spending all day working with your spouse that most people won't ever experience or understand. I'm really going miss seeing his face all day, every day.

But, on the up side, I got a bunch of emails today from newspaper clients who really like my work and who wanted to know if I will be working from home once I leave. I didn't know I was so loved! It was a nice ego boost, I must say. Probably not so nice for the poor new guy who was sending out emails telling people that he was my replacement, hoping for some kind of welcome, and instead got people wanting to know how they could get hold of me. Oh well. I'm sure they will come to love him as much as they love me. (But hopefully not too much -- I am going to eventually work from home and I'll need their business!)


Jenifer said...

I'm with you on the control freak thing!

I train people to be 911 dispatchers.... talk about wanting to grab the phone and pudh people away from the console!

It takes every fiber of my being when I train to not say "Well, why don't I dispatch and you watch?"


Martina said...

Ahhahahahahaha You're such a mouse-grabber LOL Since starting teaching, I've managed to stop my mouse-grabbing (a little bit) But it's something I struggle with daily. We should start a mouser-grabbers anonymous! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say I have been in your exact same place and I know how you feel completely... It's not that the new people don't know what they're doing, we just know the best way to do it.

I can say I, too, am a mouse-grabber... perhaps we can start our own MGA support group.