Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Welcome to Frustration City!

Oh, we've been having some fun down at the denice-isms household lately. Gracie is a frustrated, frustrated little girl. She wants to move around so very badly, but she just refuses to crawl. Nope, no crawling for Gracie. What she would like to do is just stand and walk around all day please. But since she can't actually do that on her own, and I can't hold her up so she can play all day long, Gracie and I are at an impasse.

Three weeks ago, things were going just fine. She was well on her way to starting to crawl, and life was going well. And then she fell and whacked her head on one of her toys. And I'm not talking a small little bump to the noggin; she whacked it good. There was a bruise and a bump and everything. So now she refuses to even try to crawl. She reaches as far forward as she dares without falling over and then she's done. If something she wants is out of her reach, she just cries. And cries, and cries and cries some more.

Also, no longer can I leave her playing nicely in the living room. I used to be able to plunk her down on a blanket in the living room, give her some toys, and spend the next hour or so doing my chores while she played. Not anymore. Now she must be in the room I am in or she screams. Actually, first she screams, then the screams turn into piteous sobs accompanied by giant crocodile tears. Anyone listening might think I have packed her up and left her on someone else's doorstep never to return, so sad are the sobs that come out of that girl's mouth.

And since I am the world's biggest softie, after about five minutes of the sobs, I give in. I try to leave her there to work it out for herself so she will learn that she has to entertain herself. But I just can't do it. After awhile the sobs get the best of me and I go pick her up. And put her down on the floor in the room I am currently in, give her some toys and hope that makes her happy. Nope. She will scream the entire time I unload the dishwasher, or make supper, or fold the laundry. Because what she really wants to do is walk.

So, when I am done what I am doing, we walk. And walk, and walk, and walk. We go from the kitchen to the patio door in the living room and back again. And when mommy gets tired of that, we go outside and walk on the grass. This kid is getting pretty good at it too, if I do say so myself. The only time she is happy now is when I hold onto her two little hands and we walk. She grins the world's biggest grin, makes happy little screeching noises and gurgles and talks and looks up and smiles at me with that big gummy smile that melts my heart; and every once in awhile we stop to take a little rest and she gives me a big wet slobbery baby kiss.

The ENTIRE REST OF THE DAY she is fussing and crying and screaming for me to come and get her and let her walk. And Mommy is getting frustrated. I yelled at her this morning. After trying several different things to entertain her and she was still screeching, I yelled "FINE!!!!!", picked her up kind of roughly and stood her on her feet to walk some more. So of course she cried because Mommy has never done that before, and I cried because I'd never treated her that way before, and now I just want to crawl into a hole and die. I'm supposed to be the Mommy with infinite patience, and today mine ran out.

I know this is just a phase, and soon she will be more mobile and happy. But it's just such a long day when she gets up at 8 a.m. and only takes a short afternoon nap and doesn't go to bed until 11 p.m. Someone please tell me she will be happier soon!


Tracy said...

Don't stress out over losing your patience. We all do it, and they all get happier. Phases are a funny thing - I've generally never been unhappy one has ended!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what to tell you other than, try not to give into the guilt, this coming from a woman who had a guilt attack today, but anyways, don't give in to it, it is useless. Just take a breath and try to hold out a little longer next time! (I wish there would not be a next time, but the terrible 2's are still to come!). Other than that can I be a terrible Canadian and suggest a (shhhh, I didn't say this) walker? It might work if you can find one. Otherwise a jolly jumper? Let me know, that I still have. Good luck! Julie

Anonymous said...

I bet Gracie would love to hang out in a sling or backpack carrier while you try to get some house work done. Chores may take a little longer, but you get get some stuff done -- and she gets to watch and be close to mommy. Doesn't always work but an hour or two being "worn" by mom may just do the trick!


Tracy said...

About the Taboo walker - we had one for Chrisand he loved it. We had no stairs so there wasn't much inthe way of dangers of falling. Call me a bad mom, but it was worth every minute of happiness (both his and mine!).

Jacquie said...

Yep we all have had those moments. I'm guilty of having them with all 3 of my girls!

Do you have an exersaucer for her? If not I would highly recommend getting one. They are a dream, I used them with my last 2.

Jenifer said...

We all yell, no matter what they may tell you. And you poor thing, I can't even imagine. Hopefully she will pass this stage soon and you two can cross the impasse you have come to. I don't have any great words of advice since my kids were "crazy crawlers" and my biggest concern was what they were finding to stuff into their mouth while they were crawling around.

By the way.... life may get even more interesting for me :) #3 is on the way!