Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 10

It was a rainy, thunder and lightning kind of day today; a day that mommy thought was perfectly suited to inside play. Gracie, for the most part, agreed. She puttered around and played happily all day -- until she found her sidewalk chalk. And after explaining that it was pouring down rain outside and that sidewalk chalk was most definitely an OUTSIDE TOY, it suddenly occurred to mommy that there was a chalk board upstairs.

Nate built Gracie a wonderful toy box that has her named engraved on the lid, and for the outsides, he found chalkboard spray and made her two chalk boards. So, I handed our girl some chalk and let her draw on the furniture. She had a ball!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Denice, Jody's mom here - Jody gave me your blog address so I could see your little Gracie - what a little doll you and Nathan have, she is beautiful! We fondly remember Nathan at Jody and Dan's wedding, and think it's wonderful that you live in Airdrie - ah, how we wish Jody and Dan could live so close to Calgary! I am going to read your whole blog as soon as I have the time. All our best to you and Nathan and Gracie, Jayne Holmes