Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 17

Gracie loves rice. Plain, flavored, she doesn't care. Give her a fork and she'll shovel it in. Tonight, when she heard the noise the rice cooker makes when it's done, she immediately ran for her step stool and stood in front of it at the counter, pointing and yelling. When I finally came into the kitchen she gesticulated wildly at the rice cooker, rubbed her tummy very enthusiastically (her sign that she's hungry), then got off her stool and tried to climb into her high chair. I wasn't sure what time Nate would be home for supper, so I thought it wouldn't hurt if I fed her early.

By the time Nate got home she had already polished off a big bowl of rice and pork chops, so I let her out of her chair to run around while we ate supper. Well, she headed straight for her bookshelf, brought her Daddy her favorite book and installed herself on his lap. Daddy started reading, and the next thing he knew, Gracie had his fork and was eating his rice. I got him another fork :)


Tracy said...

That is so cute! I wish I could get Chris to eat pork chops - or any meat for that matter. It makes him gag. Suppers are definately interesting!

Anonymous said...

Jody's mom here again - just had to tell you what a great picture of Gracie and Nathan this is! Looks like a pretty happy little girl with one very devoted dad! Hope we get to meet your little doll some day!