Tuesday, December 08, 2009

God I love that man.

See that super hot guy sitting in the back of the truck? He's the sweetest man in the whole wide world.
Why? Well, see that truck he's sitting in? The very cool black truck that he bought last year, that he loves more than anything in the world (except maybe that little girl sitting next to him)? Yesterday, he sold it. For us. Me and the little girl. Because we didn't fit in it anymore.

Now, the new truck is a very, very nice truck. It's absolutely loaded, and has a huge back seat that will fit Gracie and theoretical baby #2, AND all of our many bags of things that seem to need to go with us everywhere we go. But it isn't HIS truck, the little black truck that he loves, and I feel both guilty that he had to sell it and absolutely full of love for the man who gave it up for us.

I'm sorry honey. We'll have lots of fun in the new truck. I promise!


Tracy said...

Go make baby #2 in the backseat! ;)

Denice said...

Oooo! That's a great idea!