Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update Day

1. The triathlon is in 3 DAYS people! And I am happy to report that in the 7 short weeks that I have been training, I have gone from barely being able to go a single kilometer, to being able to complete 5 kilometers in 30 minutes or less. (Some days I'm a little slower than others). My sister Erin has been swimming and biking her little butt off, and I think we're going to kick some ass! Mostly because there are only 7 teams we are competing against……but still! Go Team Graham Girls!

2. I now brush my teeth eleventy billion times a day. Ever since the "your mouth smells bad" incident, Gracie has decided that it is her duty to inform me every time my breath is less than minty fresh. Which, I guess is better than wandering around with breath so bad it makes small children cry, but we are going to need to buy some shares in whatever giant company makes Aquafresh before this is all over.

3. Speaking of wee Gracie, have I told you that she now reads to me? Okay, not really. But she does have several of her favorite books memorized WORD FOR WORD. She brings me the book and says "I'LL read YOU a story Mommy!" Then she sits down, and reads me the book, word for word, from start to finish. She's even got about half of Harold and the Purple Crayon in that little brain of hers. Did I mention that SHE DIDN'T EVEN SPEAK until about 3 months ago?????

I think that's it. It's been a whole 20 minutes since I last brushed my teeth, so I guess I'd better go and see if I pass inspection.

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