Wednesday, September 02, 2009

And I celebrated by making Rice Krispie Squares. No, really. I actually did.

Alright everybody. I want you to ignore the dirty bathroom floor that needs vacuuming, and the chipped toenail polish, and the really weird sandal tan that I have developed this summer, and take a look at those red numbers. Those wonderful red numbers.

Because, my good people, that is the nicest my bathroom scale has been to me since Gracie was born. And I'm so happy that instead of being a normal person who keeps things to herself, I'm actually putting a picture of how much I weigh on the internet FOR EVERYONE TO SEE.

I know, I know. I've gone a little nuts. But I'm just so damned proud of myself I could burst, and I feel like doing a little bragging. I lost the first 10 pounds baby! I'm halfway there! Just 10 more to go!

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Tracy said...

WTG Denice! That is such an accomplishment! BTW: I love the new look for your blog...