Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Super Expansion

Okay, my stomach is doing some serious stretching today.

Remember that Friends episode where Joey ate an entire 20 lb turkey all by himself? That's how my stomach feels today.

Maybe Gracie's got her little hands and feet all stretched out and is pushing outwards as hard as she can to see if she can get herself a little more space in there. I can just picture her - her little face all scrunched up in concentration, pushing outwards in any direction she can. Could be true - who knows?

All I know is that I can actually feel my stomach expanding, and it's a very weird feeling.


Anonymous said...

so exciting!! enjoy every minute.
time flies. my daughters are 15 & 12!!!

Anonymous said...

Now you know all about the stretching I was talking about. Be thankful she hasn't gotten her feet under your ribcage - yet!


Martina said...

Guess what... if it feels like baby is stretching (with all arms and legs extended) and she holds it for about 10 seconds and lets go... THAT'S A CONTRACTION! Whoo hoo! Gotta love the Braxton Hicks, baby! Take those periods to practice breathing and relaxing (if you're going au naturale) {{Martina does happy baby dance!}}

mad muthas said...

give that belly a good scratch! then put your hands on the small of your back and thrust that bump forwards. ahhhh - pregnasaurs rule the earth!