Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mood Swings?

Okay, now I'm a big, fat, flip-flopper.

Yesterday, I felt confident in my decision to splurge on the four cans of Diet Coke that I drank over a nearly 2 week period. I felt so fine about it, I proclaimed to the world on this blog that I do not feel guilty.

Today, I am overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and regret that I've done something very terrible to my poor unborn sweetpea.
I feel like what I've done has damaged him/her for life and it is all my fault, and there is nothing I can do to take it back.

Could I be experiencing those mood swings my doctor was talking about?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you have done no irreparable damage by having the Diet Coke. It's not like you drank a vat of the stuff in the last two weeks. Your "sweetpea" will be fine, I'm sure. You on the other hand, sound as though you are indeed encountering the wicked mood swings. I liked to think of them as my own personal roller coaster ride and just went with it!

Martina said...

There could be a lot of worse things you could be doing to your sweatpea m'dear... let me name a few...
'regular' smoking
adding rye to your diet coke
working in a coal mine shaft
watching Chris Farley movies ;-)