Saturday, August 12, 2006

Things I will do if I win the $42 million in the 6/49 draw tonight:

(Make that WHEN I win - never hurts to think positive, right?)

1. Never, ever step foot into a newspaper again. Unless it's because I own it, and I'm just checking in to make sure the underlings are working.

2. Share with friends and family. I know, trite, but true. Do Nate and I really need $42 million all to ourselves? Besides, we need everybody else to have money so they can share in our fabulous lifestyle. Otherwise, we're just the rich assholes who wouldn't share our money.

3. Start building a beautiful house on an acreage. One of those great big houses with cedar siding and tons of windows. And a hot tub on the deck. And a big garage with a workshop for Nate. And a room filled with exercise equipment. And a playroom for kids. And a great big garden. And lots of fruit trees. And a nice flower bed.

4. Hire someone to clean great big house with all the windows.

5. Go on a fabulous vacation while we wait for the house to be built. Nate has never been to Europe, and he definitely needs to see all those castles.

6. Spend a whole lot of money at Ikea and Pottery Barn. I know, I know. If I have millions, I don't need to cheap out at Ikea and Pottery Barn anymore, I could probably afford the really good stuff. But I LIKE Ikea and Pottery Barn. It's like in the Bare Naked Ladies song, If I had a Million Dollars - they wouldn't have to eat Kraft Dinner, but they still would, just with fancier ketchup.

7. Make my local Mary Kay rep a very happy lady. I LOVE their stuff, but it just seems like too much money to spend on make-up and the stuff to wash the make-up off with. But if I have millions, bring it on!

7. Start volunteering. I'll have to do something to keep me busy. Plus, if I don't, my kids will turn out to be whiny spoiled rich kids.

8. Buy a new car. I love the purple people eater, but she's getting kinda old and in need of retirement. Same with Nate's car.

9. Or maybe a helicopter would get me places faster…and be much more fun to drive! Do you think you can put a baby seat in one of those things?

10. Give a bunch of money to good causes.

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