Tuesday, August 15, 2006

To Diaper Genie, or Not to Diaper Genie…

Nate & I, looking at a Diaper Genie in the baby department at Zellers last night:

Me: So, it puts each diaper into a teeny little individual bag?

Nate: No, I think it's one big bag that twists.

Me: And you have to buy refills for this thing? And they're $6 each! How long do they last? How many diapers can you put in there?

Nate: It doesn't say.

Me: What about this other kind next to it. It says you can use regular garbage bags. That would be better, right?

Nate: Won't that smell more? I mean, the reason you buy one of these things and not just use a regular garbage can is so that it doesn't stink, right?

Me: I have no idea.

Nate: But I'm relying on you to know this stuff! Otherwise we're screwed!

Me: I know lots of other baby stuff! I just don't happen to know how a Diaper Genie works!

Nate: Maybe we should take that newborn parenting class so we don't kill our child.


Jody said...

Umm, yeah. If you want a diaper genie, you can have ours. We used it for a few months until we realized we were spending $35-$40 a month to keep it running.
Then we started stuffing regular garbage bags in it instead of the refill sausage wraps. That lasted a couple weeks. Our DG ended up being a plain 'ol diaper pail with a brand name.

Now? We toss the naps directly into the garbage while trying to suppress our guilt about the tremendous amount of untreated waste we are sending to the landfill.
Cloth naps the way to go. Just need to get into the habit of it and save $$$$, the enviornment and no chlorine dioxins for baby's bum. Do we use cloth? Well, disposables are just too darn easy, but we really want to make the switch.

Anonymous said...

Hey Niece, the question is a good one. We have fought with ours a few times but keep going back to it. Yes it can get a little pricey, but the smell is contained until of course you have to empty it and then....well lets just say "plug your nose". I do agree with the cloth diapers...and if you want some I have some of those for you...I am really sorry world! but I bow to the convenience of disposable. Good luck! Julie

Denice said...

So that's one vote for yes, and one vote for no?
I love the idea of the smell being contained, but don't love the idea of spending $40 a month on refills. Still can't decide.

Martina said...

We didn't use one. For Keiran we used the diaper pail that's blue and white and has a little pop up thingy in the middle where you shove your diapers through. (It uses regular bags)

By the time the 2nd come came around, we were just using the regular garbage.

I would say by yourself a really good kitchen garbage and just take it out more often.